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Massage Therapy

Massage turns stress into relaxation and through the healing benefits of touch brings a feeling of well being to the mind and body.  Our massage therapists are both licensed and certified, and through a range of techniques will customize your massage service to meet your individual needs.


Therapeutic Body Massage

$99 | 50 min

$130 | 75 min

 $155| 90 min

This classic form of massage therapy uses Swedish techniques of moderate pressure and soothing, relaxing strokes to improve circulation, ease muscle tension and promote deep relaxation.


Aromatherapy Massage

$110 | 50 min

$120 | 75 min

This deluxe massage uses specific massage techniques in combination with essential oils to customize your treatment. This is a gentle body massage that concentrates on the muscular system


Deep Tissue Massage

$115 – 50 min

 $135- 75 min
 $155- 90 min

After your consultation our massage therapists will incorporate neuromuscular and personalized massage techniques to relieve chronic, pain and muscular discomfort. This massage aids in pain management and stress reduction.


La Stone Massage

$125 | 50 min

$140 | 75 min

 $165 | 90 min

We are pleased to offer this unique service that is normally found in the world’s finest spas. Heated basalt stones and cool marble stones are utilized through specific body placement, maximizing muscle relaxation. The body is then massaged with the warm stone in a methodical, lyrical method, melting away tension and providing deep relaxation.


Back, Neck & Scalp Massage

$60 | 30 min

A relaxing scalp massage followed by Swedish techniques with a focus on neck, shoulders and upper back where many carry stress and tension.


Reflexology Massage

$60 | 30 min

An ancient Chinese art of using compression on specific points of hands and feet that correspond to other parts of the body. This technique induces deep relaxation, improves circulation and balances the system.


Mommy-to-be Massage

$99| 50 min

Cravings, swollen feet and morning sickness will all be forgotten with this Swedish massage just for that special mommy-to-be.  Available through the 2nd trimester.


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